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Operator: Dr. Ho LAM

This, the Silent War – Antegrade for CTO without Stump, Balloon Wire Fusion & Use of Complication

Patient was 57 years old gentleman, who had history of IHD, Gout, HT and OSA. CT coronary angiogram showed ostial LAD CTO with calcium score 1422. Coronary angiogram of the patient showed the same finding of ostial LAD CTO with retrograde filling from the RCA. The lesion was heavily calcified and with length > 20mm and angulated. Stump was absent in coronary angiogram. J CTO Score = 4. For PCI to CTO without stump by antegrade approach, careful review information from IVUS, CT coro and coronary angiogram is very important. Major factors affecting the approach includes the angulation, presence of small channels on stump & consistency of stump.....


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